Our Story


Even though my younger self had vowed to never so much as touch a cup of coffee, that all changed the year I became a teacher! In desperate need of a some extra energy, I turned to coffee for a caffeine boost, and thus began the story of my relationship with the brew.

Two years later I moved to Oregon where coffee culture was beyond anything I had ever witnessed! A little one horse town might struggle to have a general store, yet rarely would it be missing a coffee shop! Not only that, it would usually have multiple shops within a few mile radius! 

It was there, in Big Sky Country, that I realized my relationship with coffee had progressed to something far more serious. Not only did Oregon introduce me to incredible coffee, but it was also where I met my soulmate!

We started a rather rocky dating relationship, survived and got engaged, moved back to PA, tied the knot and have been in love ever since! 

Ten years, two children, and a youtube channel later, I found myself dreaming of taking my relationship with coffee to the next level! My husband gifted me with an espresso machine and I fell in love with the smell and taste of freshly roasted coffee.

SPOILER ALERT: It is hard to go back to the old, stale stuff from the grocery store, once you get onto fresh roasts!

The inspiration to start a Fresh Roasted Coffee company was born. But it couldn't be just any coffee! I wanted a brand that celebrates women and particularly shines a spotlight onto the pillars of our society; Mothers! Too often their work goes unnoticed in the glitz and the glamor of what society calls valuable. We recognize that mother's have one of the world's most important and impactful jobs in the world, and such an important job should be fueled by only the best of coffee!

So Mama Java was born!
(Because Mamas deserve Better Java!)