Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Our Coffee Roastery is a family owned business that started over 30 years ago and is now 4 generations strong. Together we are committed to using coffee that is good for the planet while supporting and empowering small coffee farmers across the globe. Not only do we source the finest coffee beans from around the world, but our experts also meticulously roast them to bring out their unique characteristics and hidden flavors.

From single-origin delights to carefully crafted blends, we've curated a wide selection of beans for the various preferences of our coffee enthusiasts! 

Building Relationships & True Direct Trade

We recognize the importance of maintaining long-lasting partnerships and true traceability with our coffee growers. We work to create and maintain true direct trade partnerships with global coffee farms that have stood the test of time. 

I was fortunate to be able to visit one of our direct trade farms in the Dominican Republic, where our Organically Grown Dominican Republic is grown and harvested. See video here. 


Hand-Selected Beans

Our expert roaster oversees the roasting process of every batch of carefully selected coffee beans, ensuring a perfect roast each time. The result is an unmistakable brew that you will crave and enjoy time and time again.


Organically Grown Coffee

All our organically grown coffee beans are certified organic by the USDA. However, we do not use the USDA organic label on our bags, as we are a separate brand roasting and selling the beans. Any roaster can buy certified organically farmed coffee beans in their raw green form, but once they are roasted the roaster cannot sell them as certified organic unless they are certified by an agent of the USDA under the NOP program. This is quite expensive and labor intensive, so we don’t have the official USDA Organic seal, but our Organically grown beans are from USDA Organic Certified farms.


Swiss Water Decaf

We are proud to offer the healthiest form of Decaf coffee in the form of Swiss Water Decaf. Read more here as to what is is and why you should care.


Roasted Fresh & Shipped the Same Day

To maintain the highest level of freshness, we roast and ship our coffee on the same day. Our team takes great care to roast each batch of beans meticulously, ensuring consistent flavor and freshness that is difficult to come by elsewhere.


Giving Back

We at Mama Java believe that a good cup of coffee should not only taste great but also make a positive impact on the world. For every bag of coffee sold, we will donate $1 to Lifewater, a top-rated Christian water charity committed to loving like Jesus and bringing safe water to families in extreme poverty. Read more about our mission here.


Our Prices

Note that we are selling a full traditional pound and not the 12 oz. size that so many other brands have downsized to (to make the cost appear to be less).

But here's the thing – we want to be more than just another coffee brand! We desire to create community that shines a spotlight on Mother's and the important and often unnoticed work they do for society. Additionally, we want to share the stories behind our coffee, from the farmers who grow and harvest the beans to the lives that are transformed by the gift of safe drinking water.

Your purchase has impact. So thank you so much for supporting our small family business!