From Empty Arms to Full Hearts

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Meet our April Mom of the month, Nancy, who is married for almost 20 years to farmer and cattleman, Landis Martin.  After going through the journey of infertility, God blessed them with 5 children through adoption. Tyrel 14, Tiana Grace 11, LaRay 6, Kaden just turned 5, and Alayna is 3. As a family they love celebrating birthdays and singing together.

In the northeast corner of Iowa they are enjoying an early spring and much time is spent outdoors as it is her favorite place to be.
She loves to cook for her family with a highlight being their family milk cow, which gives her the opportunity to make yogurt and butter from the milk and cream.  One of Nancy's  goals is to delve into the art of making hard cheeses.
Besides her busy life as a mom, she enjoys being a Norwex consultant which gives her the opportunity to offer others healthier cleaning solutions.  If you'd like to visit her website click here. 
(personally speaking, Norwex product are a favorite of mine - Jeannine)

"We strive to be joyful in the business of life God has blessed us with and to raise these children for his kingdom!"
As a pastime, Nancy loves to do word search with Bible verses. It’s a great way for her to relax at the end of the day after the children are all in bed. She also enjoyed doing word search while she was laid up after her recent surgery. She is currently recovering so if you'd like to say a prayer for her, she'd greatly appreciate it! 
"A favorite hobby of mine is making all kinds of different coffee drinks, especially with the great flavors of Mama Java Coffee. Our favorite flavors being French Vanilla, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Carmel Delight. Messy Bun being the all time favorite blend."

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