"The Memories Make it all Worthwhile" - Heather Hochstetler


If you're unsure about traveling with little ones, and wondering if it's worth the extra work? I can assure you, it is 100% worth it!!
December's mom of the month is Heather Hochstetler who hails from the charming state of Virginia. If you were to pay her a visit, you'd discover her corner of the world nestled at the end of a quiet, dead-end road, where you'll find her children playing in the great outdoors.  She and her husband are celebrating a decade of marriage this week, and have been blessed with four children – Britton (8), Bella (7), Chandler (4), and little Lincoln (1).
They're a busy family that loves to embark on adventures, and their recent month-long trip to Europe was nothing short of amazing.

"If you're unsure about traveling with little ones, and wondering if it's worth the extra work? I can assure you, it is 100% worth it!! I believe that with each journey, it becomes easier, and we would much rather take them with us than leave them behind. The memories we make, makes it all worthwhile."
Back at home, amidst the busyness of life, Heather homeschools her three older children – and the youngest is busy discovering the world and learning new words.
Besides enjoying family and travel, Heather makes time for her hobbies; sewing and photography, which gives her a creative outlet to create and dream. Make sure to check out her work on Instagram called Bella & Raine designs. The name of her small shop was inspired by the names of her 2 daughters. February will be her next big product launch, with many new items. Visit her shop by clicking the link below!

Being married to an attorney brings its own set of challenges. Her husband's job requires a lot of traveling, so when the family can't go with him, Heather faces solo parenting at home. However, God has brought her husband to a place he always wanted to be; helping people. She's incredibly  proud of him and knowing that he enjoys his work, makes it a bit easier being apart.
We always like to ask our mom of the month if they have a testimony for our readers, and I loved the wisdom Heather shared..
During this busy holiday season, I challenge you to try and tune out the craziness of social media and not focus on what you don’t have. I find myself browsing the newest and latest Christmas decor, only to get discouraged that I don’t have this or that! This world seems more and more in a flurry with so much going and requiring so much of our attention. We have SO many distractions that take our time and energy when God only wants our hearts and the praises of His people. This is something God has been bringing to my attention, not letting my brain get so cluttered with ‘stuff’. I think a break from social media should be on my New Year’s resolution list. 
Mama Java Coffee has become the sole occupant of Heather's espresso machine! She mentioned that she likes the heart behind Mama Java and helping those in need. Messy Bun decaf is her go-to, because it's normally late-afternoon before she gets her espresso machine turned on. Her lattes involve a shot of espresso, milk, a splash of half and half,  and a touch of maple syrup – usually enjoyed iced, but she loves a good hot latte in the wintertime.  

"What I especially love about Mama Java Coffee, is how fresh the beans are! They don’t have to travel far to get to my house which is so nice! THANK YOU, Mama Java team!"




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