Coffee Stronger than Your Toddler

Introducing the coffee that's stronger than your toddler - a full-bodied roast that will give you extra fuel when the little one is running circles around you! Premium Arabica beans from three high end estates across the globe are roasted to perfection and blended to offer a smooth, full-bodied taste with notes of dark chocolate, nuts, and a hint of smoky undertones.. So say goodbye to weak coffee and hello to the bold, unyielding power of a brew that can handle anything your toddler throws at you (figuratively speaking, of course).

🔅 Medium-dark roast coffee

🔅 Cupping Notes: cocoa - nuts - smoky undertones

🔅 Low Acid

🔅 100% Arabica beans

🔅 16 oz. (full traditional pound!)


              Customer Reviews

              Based on 16 reviews
              angela kreider
              Amazing, smooth coffee..

              Again, I'm so impressed on how smooth this coffee is!! I'm a fancy coffee girl, but I feel I must be ruining this if I add to it.. black is Delicious!!...the taste, the outstanding!

              Katrina Weaver

              Toddlerproof Blend

              Mama Cook
              What an upgrade!!!

              Loving everything about this from the smell of the bag to the taste of the first sip!! I look forward to my morning coffee even more now than I used to!!

              Cynthia Smith
              Toddlerproof Blend

              So good! I've been a card-carrying member of another on-line coffee company for over ten years, but this blend is a serious rival.

              Donita Bower
              MamaJava (Messy Bun)

              This is amazing coffee!!! So smooth, rich and lovely!!! I got the beans so I can either grind it for drip coffee of Espresso (which I make pretty much every morning). I already had my coffee this morning, but had to make another cup cause I wanted to try MamaJava. It did not dissapoint!!! I was so excited to finally get to try it!!! 😍 It's as amazing as I expected!!!

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