Our Mission

We at Mama Java, believe in challenging society's narrow definition of success and redefining what truly matters. While many in our culture place value solely on careers and financial success, we recognize that being a mother is one of the most impactful jobs in the world. We stand against the notion that a person's worth is determined by their career path, and instead celebrate the tireless work mothers do every single day. Mothers are the heart of families, and they sacrifice their own needs and desires to ensure the wellbeing of their children and create a home filled with love and support. At Mama Java, we believe Mama's deserve nothing but the BEST when it comes to their coffee so we offer high quality, exceptionally tasting coffee as a token of appreciation!While our brand primarily focuses on mothers, we're just as passionate about the many different ways women impact the world. The same nurturing heart found within mothers is also often what inspires women to become teachers, caregivers, social workers, and countless other roles that involve nurturing and supporting others.So this is your moment to take care of YOU! and our delicious, fresh roasted coffee is the perfect way to treat yourself and recharge before getting back to making a difference in the lives of those you impact.

Coffee that Brews Change: Transforming Lives One Bag at a Time

We're on a mission to uplift women, not only within our own community but across the globe. We at Mama Java believe that a good cup of coffee should not only taste great but also make a positive impact on the world. That's why, with every bag of our coffee purchased, we donate $1 to Lifewater, a top-rated Christian water charity committed to loving like Jesus and bringing safe water to families in extreme poverty. Safe drinking water and basic sanitation are critical to life. Without them, families walk miles for water that makes them sick, spend their income on medication, and struggle to send their children to school. More than 771 million people live without access to safe water, and every two minutes a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease.The good news: The problem of no clean water is entirely preventable. We can end the crisis in our lifetime. The water crisis disproportionately affects women.In 80% of households without safe water, women and girls are responsible for gathering the day’s water. This takes women and girls away from activities like working and going to school, trapping them in a cycle of poverty. And when it comes to giving birth, a lack of safe water in health centers results in up to eight percent of all maternal deaths globally. For women who don’t die, infections make them and their infants dangerously sick. Safe water and sanitation creates a safer environment for women, one where women can live, pursue their dreams, and thrive as God intends.It only takes $130 to give 2 people safe water for life! (that is only $65 for one person) Sp every time you purchase a bag of coffee from Mama Java, you are greatly helping the water crisis and making a lasting impact on someone’s life.  We raise our mugs in gratitude to all the incredible women who nurture and inspire. We stand strong for mamas everywhere. Here's to you, the unsung heroes who leave their mark on the world.  So take a moment, immerse yourself in our delicious, fresh-roasted coffee, and emerge stronger, ready to continue shaping lives and making a difference in the most extraordinary ways!