Papua New Guinea coffee is a sweet and tropical coffee with a medium body and acidity level. The Papua island’s stunningly fertile soil tends to produce beans that have a crisp citrus acidity and are rich with flavors of chocolate and tropical fruits. This roast is perfect for those who appreciate a distinctive and satisfying cup of coffee. (more info on next tab)

🔅 Organically Grown

🔅 Medium roast coffee

🔅 Cupping notes: chocolate - tropical fruits

🔅 100% Arabica beans

🔅 16 oz. (full traditional pound!)


Papua New Guinea facts:

Papua New Guinea; one of the world’s most diverse countries and also the least explored with 852 known languages

The original coffee seedlings were planted in 1927 from Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans.

Coffee production is the country’s second largest agricultural export, after palm oil

Papua new guinea accounts for approximately 1% of the world’s coffee production

The majority of the coffee is primarily exported to Germany, Australia, and the USA.

Coffee ‘gardens’ not farms, are the norm. These small plantation produce around 85% of the country’s coffee.

Small-scale farmers make up more than 85% of the coffee producers in Papua New Guinea, typically cultivating just a few hectares of land. These gardens are very small compared to the more modern coffee farms, and coffee is most likely not the only crop they grow because the country survives on its agriculture. 

The majority of the population does not have access to the internet (only 10%) or telephones (only 55%) . One positive side of this lack of connectivity is that it has caused PNG coffee to be naturally grown without pesticides or other agro-chemicals. As a result, a large amount of the country's coffee is certified organic, although most coffee is grown using organic methods even if it is not certifi



Customer Reviews

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Rose Martin

Love the coffee! Shipping was fast too!

Clean, floral.... delicious

What a delightful, floral aroma that greeted me when I opened the bag....I just had to take a moment to decide what it smells like. Floral was the first thing that came to mind. I love the flavor, delicate and clean. We have missionary friends in Papua New Guinea, which is why I decided to try this one. Not disappointed 😊.
The fresh roasted lends so much to the tastes of Mama Java coffee. I thought my grocery store had pretty good coffee....this far surpasses all of theirs!

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