Our Peru "Tres Cumbres" Coffee is from the Chanchamayo region at the highest ranges of the South American Andes and the Amazon River basin. This Peruvian coffee produces a complex, full-bodied coffee with floral, smoky overtones, and a bright aromatic finish. Rated a low acid coffee due to the lower acidity. (more info on next tab)

🔅 Organically Grown

🔅 Medium roast coffee

🔅 Cupping Notes: floral - nutty - smoky overtones

🔅 100% Arabica beans

🔅 16 oz. (full traditional pound!)

Peru has some of the best coffee growing terrains in the world. The sharp contrast of high mountain ranges, dense jungles, diverse microclimates, and rich soils combine to produce a consistently rich and excellent cup of coffee. The coffee is grown and cultivated between the highest ranges of the South American Andes, at about 3000 to 5400 feet over the sea level, and the mighty Amazon River basin. 

Unlike many coffee-producing nations around the world, Peruvian coffee farmers still adhere to strict traditional standards of cultivation and processing -- from hand-picking to sun drying to ensure superb hand-crafted coffees from the land of the Inca's. 

The premium Tres Cumbres coffee, grown in the Chanchamayo region is arguably the best coffee producing region within the country.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Phyllis Fry
Delicious, smooth coffee

We made this for a family reunion in the evening. The decaf was so delicious we had to keep making more!

Maggie Dillon Dillon
Coffee yum

Glad to support my u tuber

Very pleased!

Received my coffees and the first one I tried was the Peru Tres Cumbre's. I was pleasantly surprised. It was not bitter and had a nice full body flavor. One I will buy again. I got whole bean on the other 3 coffees I ordered, so I will have to go find my grinder.

Somewhere in mid-atlantic
I haven’t gotten yet…

Would love to give this a review but my order has been sitting at the distribution center for five days. Our USPS service is absolute garbage! Wish you offered an alternative delivery service.

Mama Java = Real Coffee!

Mama Java: the coffee that finally tastes and smells like coffee again for me! Several years ago I lost my taste and smell, and coffee was the one food that didn't come back to normal. Until now. Mama Java coffee gave me back the wonderful aroma and taste of coffee! Fresh roasted makes the difference!

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