Coffee That Fuels Your Sunshine

Take a break from the daily grind and rejuvenate with this smooth and bold signature blend. Revive & Thrive is a well-balanced roast that is carefully crafted to offer a smooth,  bold taste with distinct, fruity sweetness and a subtle hint of nuttiness. Sourced from three of the finest coffee estates across the globe, our skilled roasters have created a masterful blend. Whether you're starting your day or taking a midday break, Revive & Thrive is a perfect pick-me-up to fuel your day.

🔅 Medium-Dark roast coffee

🔅 Cupping Notes: nuts - berries

🔅 100% Arabica beans

🔅 16 oz. (full traditional pound!)


              Customer Reviews

              Based on 9 reviews
              Lisa Neufeld

              I really Like mama java coffee

              Jolene Martin

              best coffee!! rich without the bitter taste...

              Barb Yoder

              Revive & Thrive

              sarah alimowski
              REVIVE & THRIVE in COMMUNITY

              Mama Java coffee is some of the best! Recently we had guests from Poland, and I served Revive & Thrive coffee with cherry cheesecake, and they enjoyed the freshly roasted, and harmonious blend immensely! Of course, I shared a pack of Mama Java coffee beans with them to take home. :) I also bought some as gifts to take on our upcoming trip to Europe. A cup of coffee or tea enjoyed with friends is what makes community thrive, and the world will be a better place! Enjoy! Sarah Alimowski


              I've already reviewed this via Mama Java website but I'm sure it's okay here too. I really am loving this coffee. It has a smooth taste. I tried it iced and oh it was so good! I'm planning on ordering more!

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