Before you buy grocery store coffee, READ THIS!


If you buy coffee from a big name grocery store, then you may not be aware of these rather alarming facts. 
Coffee is life, right? If you are anything like me, it's hard to get going in the morning without a morning cup of java! (Ok, let's be honest... it's usually two cups before my motor is running smoothly!)


Because of this daily routine, the reasonable thing the majority of us will do, is to buy our coffee from the grocery with the rest of our life necessities. We grab whichever tin looks the best, (or is the cheapest), bring it home, brew a cup, then add a lot of cream and sugar to try and dull the bitterness. 


Did you know that big coffee producers have a secret they don't want you to know? They are taking advantage of your daily coffee routine, and it's not good for you, the farmers, or the environment.

Coffee comes from the fruit of a coffee tree, and there's a perfect time to harvest when the fruit is ripe; making the coffee taste incredible! But big coffee companies care more about making money, than they do about the quality and care of coffee plants and farmers, so they use "machine harvesting" where huge machines go through fields of coffee trees, picking all the fruit at once.
The problem is that much of the coffee picked this way isn't ripe yet, which is why your cup of coffee can taste so bad. It's like drinking coffee that's not ready to be coffee yet! And just like in other industries that use machine harvesting (like wine-making), things other than the coffee can end up in the collection bins, like leaves, bugs, and even dead birds.

This machine harvesting also takes away jobs from farmers all around the world and can be bad for the environment. It's not a good way to grow and harvest coffee, but big companies do it to make more money.
After the harvest, to cover up all the shortcuts they've taken, many coffee chains over-roast their beans. This means they burn the beans too much, which destroys the real flavors and leaves the coffee tasting bitter and burnt, like charcoal.


Here at Mama Java, the majority of our coffee is direct traded from small farms and estates around the world. We recognize the importance of maintaining long-lasting partnerships and true traceability with our coffee growers. We work to create and maintain true direct trade partnerships with global coffee farms that have stood the test of time. 
All of our coffee is handpicked and THE MAMA JAVA TRIBE is repeatedly telling us that they love how smooth our coffee is with no bitterness in the cup. 
So, the next time you grab a cup of coffee, remember that there's more to it than meets the eye. Choose your coffee wisely, and support companies that care about quality, farmers, and the environment. Your taste buds and the world will thank you!

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