Meet Marlene: MOM-TO-BE of the month!

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It's that time again when we celebrate one of our moms (or rather mom-to-be this time) from the Mama Java tribe! Marlene and her husband, James, recently celebrated their 3 1/2 year anniversary, and are expecting their first child any day now!

I had to smile (after apologizing to her for yet another message) when she told me to "bug her all I want these days, because she needs a distraction."

I so remember those last days of pregnancy with our firstborn. My due date came and went and I eventually gave in to gloom and despondency: succumbing to the possibility of being pregnant forever. 😅

Hang in there, Marlene! "You most definitely won't be pregnant forever."

Marlene did such a great job answering my questions, I will have her personally give you a peek into her life.

"I’m not someone with a strong hobby, but anything involving creativity or plants is usually where it’s at. When it comes to homemaking, you can usually find my house decently clean and the laundry kept after.

And the fridge?... uh well empty. 😬 Cooking is not my strong point, so my biggest thing I have learned there, is to keep it simple. No 5 course meals here!"

I asked Marlene if they know the gender of the baby and if so, are they sharing?

"My husband and I have been having so much fun keeping the gender of our baby a secret. It feels extra special."

As a young woman looking forward into motherhood there are many dreams as well as fears. I love hearing each mother's perspective so I asked what is she most looking forward to about being a mother, and what worries her most?

"I have always been a huge baby fan and having my very own soon, seems like a dream! Also so excited to watch life through my child’s eyes! I think we as adults get bored with the minor things in life, but children see every little detail as big and exciting.

My biggest fear as a mom is not raising emotionally healthy children. I want to see my children be able to express their emotions and feel valued for their true personalities and not shamed for being real and raw in a healthy way."

Marlene's Testimony:

"Since currently being overdue with our Baby, I have been reminded again of the growth that comes in the hard times. We crave comfort zones and ‘easy’ but the reality of that is that there seems to be a lack of growth.

So I choose to be grateful all over again for a Father that guides and pulls us through the difficulties, and we come through it stronger. And with God, everything is ALWAYS possible! Even when His answer is no, sometimes. He’s still here and helping us through with so much Love."

I greatly enjoyed getting to know Marlene a little more through our conversations. She was so kind as to allow me to share a short clip on our Instagram Feed of her and her husband singing. She wrote: 

"My husband has a strong musical talent with instruments and not a day goes by without some guitar strumming in our house. We do some singing together, but that’s defiantly still a work in progress."

Well I for one, think the singing sounds amazing! I kept listening to it multiple times throughout the day, and thank James and Marlene for sharing their talent with us all!
And last of all, how does Marlene enjoy her coffee? 

"I love me a good cup of black coffee to start my days then an occasional latte for that mid afternoon slump!"

I can't wait till your baby is here safe and sound, Marlene! I pray you have a fast and smooth delivery.

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    The part about growth in hard times….oh that was so good!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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