Our FIVE WINNERS Announced: $20 Mama Java Gift Cards!

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Hey Mama Java Tribe! Because we are newly launched and really needed some reviews for our page, we sent out an email to the first week's customers and requested reviews.

We asked the community to give us their feedback! If they loved the coffee and wanted to give a review, we would enter them to win a $20 gift card towards Mama Java coffee! (reviews were to be honest, we don't want fake enthusiasm!) Out of all the reviews, we would select five to win a $20 gift card for Mama Java! 

A big thank you to everyone who submitted reviews! We wish we could have sent everyone a gift card, because your support means so much! However, if you didn't get a chance at this giveaway, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter as we will continue to do fun giveaways, photo competitions, and more.

Here are the 5 winners and their reviews in no particular order:


I’m so excited to be able to make my own coffee shop quality coffee in home. (Ok let’s be honest, if we’re talking Starbucks then I need to be saying above coffee shop quality). This is AMAZING! I don’t claim to be an expert in this department but I do verify this to be some of the best coffee I ever had! Pretty sure my unborn child agrees as well due to the wiggling and kicks the minute I took my first sip.😀

2. Janeen

I was VERY pleased with the messy bun coffee!! ☕️ Perfect smooth flavor I was looking for n definitely gave me the kick I was after😅 highly recommend trying it n I love to support mama Java 🥳

3. Heather M.

When I told my husband I bought some Mama Java coffee, my finishing comment was, “I thought it’d be worth a try.” I tried it as soon as it arrived because I wanted to try it at it’s freshest, and the beans are supposed to be roasted when ordered, not before, and because my toddler was napping and it would give me a chance to actually taste it.
I am in love! I tried my first cup black, I usually take my coffee loaded with cream and sugar, but I wanted to see what it tasted like on it’s own two feet. Delicious, but like I said I’m a cream and sugar kind of mom, so after a few sips, I added some half and half, then for my second cup I put in cream and sugar. All three ways were wonderful, but I will be drinking this brew with cream only from now on! This coffee is hands down one of, if not the smoothest blend I’ve ever made at home. There’s a subtle sweetness to it, with absolutely no bitter aftertaste! Delicious! I will definitely be buying more of this blend, and I’m looking forward to trying more!

4. Amanda Geigly

I was so excited to try out this new brand and was not disappointed one bit! Freshly roasted and shipped the same day as ordered, gives the fresh roasted flavor I love 🤌🏼 I love my lattes and iced coffees but I also love to still be able to taste the coffee😉 so these espresso beans are perfect for that! I will definitely be ordering again! And what I love best of all is the Lifewater Organization I can support by buying coffee from Mama Java 🤎

5. Judith Weaver

I was so excited to get my mamajava coffee order yesterday! The product description is spot on! I love bold espressos and this one is so smooth and just perfect flavor!
I can drink a plain Americano using these beans or turn it into a yummy latte!
There were a lot of great reviews and many with excellent writing talent! We so greatly appreciated all of them, that we sent a 10% off coupon to everyone that submitted.
Thanks to the Mama Java Tribe, and we can't wait to do more fun giveaways to our community!


  • Erma Wadel

    I couldn’t wait to try “mama java”, and I have to say… it is exactly what it’s cracked up to be! (Pun intended :). My children, who are not hot coffee drinkers, tried itand they were asking for more! I ordered the Revive & Thrive, & Cool beans. I tried Revive as soon as it arrived, but can hardly wait to try cool beans tomorrow!
    Well done 👏!

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